Winfield, Illinois

Celebrating 100 years

Winfield, Illinois was incorporated as a village on April 18, 1921. In a span of almost 100 years, Winfield has undergone remarkable change, but the legacy of our founders and the good people that helped establish our community has not been forgotten.

In 2021, we come together in celebration of Winfield’s 100th birthday. The kickoff began on New Years Eve with a Torch Relay.

A Centennial Task Force was established by the village president more than a year ago and this group, along with Winfield’s Marketing and Communications Commission, has been hard at work developing a number of terrific community events for the upcoming year. The details about these activities will be available here, as well as on the Facebook centennial page.

We hope you’ll take the time to learn a bit about Winfield’s history, check back often to learn about upcoming events and activities, sponsorship opportunities, and other ways you can get involved. We also hope you will share your stories, photographs and videos by clicking the “Share Your Winfield Story” link.

Happy 2021….and Happy 100th Birthday, Winfield!

Centennial Sponsors

North Western Medicine
Prairie Path Cycles
Healthcare Associates Credit Union

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